Additional Services

Videotapes Transfer

Let us digitize your videotapes (3/4", VHS, DCAM, DVCPRO, etc..) to the latest digital formats (MP4, MPG,DVD, etc..).

Video Studio Production

Learn how to work video cameras, Audio board, lighting as well as microphone in a video production studio…

Audio Editing

The Audio & Music Production concentration is designed to give you the audio training, production skills and music experience needed to make it in

 audio production. From signal flow and plug-ins to frequency analysis, you’ll learn the ins and outs of audio science, managing sessions and files as you work toward your audio & music production.

Commercial Creation

There are economic advantages to doing business remotely and an effective training video production is a necessary tool for

corporations. Employees need contact with management to access information about new products and services as well as advisement from executives, human resources, and other staff members. Hiring a video production company to create appropriate video content for your needs is an effective way to establish that connection.

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